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Meet David

David McKenney, started this business to provide reliable and trustworthy plumbing services to Mount Pleasant and the surrounding area. With over a decade of experience and knowledge, David is a plumber you can trust.

How Can we help your plumbing needs?


Peace of Mind Plumbing provides residential plumbing to customers in Mount Pleasant and the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on prompt, reliable, and experienced work.

Plumbing Bathroom Remodel

We love seeing the plumbing transformation that can occur in a bathroom after a remodel. Find out today which styles and functionality are best for your home, and we will get started.

Outdoor Shower

Charleston is known for its beautiful city, landscape, and beaches. Many homes need an outdoor shower to capitalize on the lifestyle of the area, and we are happy to help.

Plumbing Additions

When handing a plumbing change and addition, pulling the proper permits and passing the inspections will save a ton of time and money. We are able to design efficient plumbing installations.

Drains, Vents, and Traps

We can design a code-approved drain and vent in your home. If it’s in your home we can fix it; this includes a re-vent, wet and dry vent, common vent, loop vent, or any drain.

Installing Tubs

A simple step to reduce heat loss is by providing more fiber-glass-bit insulation into the cavity between the wall and the tub. Simple tips like these are why you should hire an expert plumber for your installs.

Faucet Repairs

Did you know that there are two different faucet types? Thankfully we know all about them! Let us repair your single-handle faucet or double-handle faucet today.

Why choose us

Having to call a plumber can be unsettling because it usually means that something is wrong in your home. Plumbing systems are complex and often invisible since they are located in difficult to reach places like behind walls, between floors, and in the attic.  It’s important to call in the experts whenever trouble strikes.

We Are Fair

We Are Prompt

We Are Honest

We Are Licensed

We Are Insured

How Can we help your plumbing needs?


Have Questions? We Have Answers!
Why Does my Toilet Flush so Slow?

Toilets that are continuously flushing slowly or require more than two or three flushes to flush correctly usually have a vent-related problem. If you need additional water to be poured down the toilet, then upgrading the piping system may be in order.

I Moved from Out of State. Are the Plumbing Codes the Same?

Welcome to Charleston! Codes can vary widely; it is always best to consult with your local building department before beginning any large project. The codes for cities and states can vary. After contacting the officials in your area you will have a much better understanding.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

We continue to offer competitive pricing and an estimate prior to beginning any remodel project. The cost to remodel a bathroom varies and is dependent on a few factors: labor costs, size of the bathroom, which products you select, and timeline.

Do your Services have Set Costs?

Similar to our bathroom remodels we continue to offer competitive pricing and an estimate prior to beginning any project. The cost to provide services varies. So, it is best for us to get a look at the projects before pricing. Sometimes “little” jobs grow into large projects.

Can you Come out in Middle of the Night for a Service Call?

No. Peace of Mind Plumbing does not handle after hours emergency service calls. Any emergency service calls should go to plumbers that highlight 24-hour services on their website. We are able to provide full-service Monday-Friday from 9-5; we look forward to seeing you then!

Are you a Licensed Plumber?

David McKenney is a licensed plumber with over 8 years of experience in residential plumbing. David is up to date on all his licensing and able to follow all codes necessary to successfully stay within the standard requirements.

What Areas do you Service?

We only serve Mount Pleasant and the surrounding area. This includes Daniel Island, Isle of Palms, and Sullivan’s Island.

Are you Able to Dispose of my Water Heater?

We can fully service any water heater and replace yours with a new one. Peace of Mind Plumbing can dispose of the old water heater in an environmentally friendly location